Economic Quiz


1. What makes businesses run? 

2. What is the easiest way to make money? 

3. What is the single biggest expense in most businesses? 

4. What is the best way to grow a business? 

5. How can I get my employees to perform at their best? 

6. How can I get the highest standard of performance out of my business? 




1. Employees does.

2. Save on your expenses.

3. Underperforming employees.

4. Invest to energize all of your employees. 

5. 1. Looking, at each persons lifepuzzle, privately as well as in worklife. 2. Asking, "What is the specific and general load for this person?". 3. Doing, Enerrgize with focus on Personal Wellbeing ie. What can we do to create an Energized state for this person? 4. Action!

6. Boost the employees that is furtherest away from their potential performance.